How to Create an Announcement with Timeline Express

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The third step of the guide to the Timeline Express WordPress plugin will show you how to create an announcement using the plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Dashboard, click on Timeline Express >> New Announcement. Alternatively, you can choose New Announcement from the All Announcements page.


Step 3) On the New Announcement page, give your announcement a title that will stand out to your visitors.


Step 4) The next step is to choose a colour for your announcement. Giving each announcement a different colour will help them to stand out when they are on your completed Timeline.


Step 5) The Font Awesome Class is used to create a cool icon that will be associated with the announcement. Use the cheat sheet provided if you need help choosing an icon.


Step 6) Set a date for your announcement to be released in the box provided. This will determine where the announcement is shown in your Timeline, too.


Step 7) The next step is to choose an image to accompany your announcement. You don’t have to use an image, but if you wish to, simply click on the Add or Upload File button.


Step 8) Underneath the settings, you will find a box that is used to enter any media or text to accompany your announcement. This is extremely useful if you are publishing a press release on your website.


Step 9) Once completed, click on the Publish button and then choose View Post to see the finished announcement.


Step 10) Below is an example of how the announcement will look as a stand-alone announcement.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Manage Announcements with Timeline Express.


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