How to Create a Child Theme with Orbisius Child Theme Creator

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The second part of the guide to the Orbisius Child Theme Creator WordPress Plugin will show you how to create a child theme for your website, based on a theme that you have already successfully installed on your website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Dashboard, go to Appearance >> Orbisius Child Theme Creator to get started.


Step 3) On the Orbisius Child Theme Creator page, you will see a list of available parent themes. These are themes that you have installed on your website already, and can be turned into child themes.

Step 4) You can tick boxes that will switch the theme to the new theme after it is created, create a blank functions.php file for the new theme to be built upon, and create a customisable title, description, etc. instead of a straight forward copy.

Step 5) Click the blue button marked Create Child Theme when you’ve made your choice.


Step 6) When the blue button is clicked, the Child Theme will be created, and the green bar that you can see below will appear. This will show you the file for the new child theme.

Step 7) From here, you can head to Appearance >> Themes to activate the new theme, or hit the link to edit the new theme.


Step 8) Head to Appearances >> Themes and you will find the child theme and the parent theme alongside each other.


Step 9) Click on the Child Theme to bring up all of the documentation for it.

Step 10) Click on the blue button marked Configure Bueno Child 01 to start the editing process, which we will take a look at in the final part of the guide.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Edit a Child Theme with Orbisius Child Theme Creator.


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