How to Create and Edit Media Categories with Enhanced Media Library

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The third and final step in the WordPress guide for the Enhanced Media Library plugin will show you how to create and edit the Media categories of your website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From your Admin Panel, click on Media >> Media Categories. From here, you can add a new Media Category, and then view/edit your Media Categories in the section on the right.


Step 3) To add a new Media Category, enter the Name, Slug and Description into the boxes provided. When you are finished, click on the Add New Media Category button.


Step 4) Once you have added your new Category, it will appear in the list on the right. The headings are Name, Description, Slug and Count (as in numbers of media files per category).


Step 5) For each Media Category, you can edit the entry. Once inside the category, you can create a headline and introductory text for your Media Category Archives.


Step 6) Once you have created a Category, head to your Media Library via Media >> Library. Click on an image to open the settings.


Step 7) The Attachment details – including the URL, Title, Caption, etc. – can be seen on the right. However, your image can now be put into a Media Category by ticking the box of the category you wish to enter it into.


Step 8) When you are in your Media Library, you can now Filter by Media Category. Open the dropdown and choose the category of your choice.


Step 9) Below is an example of a Media Library that has been filtered by category (in this case, Animals).


This concludes our guide of the Enhanced Media Library plugin.


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