How to Create, Manage, and Send Emails with Newsletter

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The sixth section of the guide to the Newsletter WordPress plugin will show you how to create Newsletters and manage your messages: from composing them to delivering and monitoring them.

Step 1) From your Dashboard, scroll down to ‘Newsletters’ on the left-hand sidebar and then choose ‘Newsletters’ from the dropdown menu


Step 2)  The Newsletter list is where you can manage your messages, including creating a new one, deleting old ones and triggering the delivery engine. It is the one-stop shop for monitoring your newsletter activities.


Step 3) When you click on ‘New Message’, you will be given a Theme Selection to choose from. You can start blank and create your own if you wish, or choose from one of the existing themes to add your message content to.


Step 4) Once you have chosen a theme, you can start creating your newsletter, including how many new posts you are going to include, and the categories used within them. You can also choose which social icons you are going to include (add your social media links in the boxes provided. When you are ready, click the blue button marked ‘(1) Save options and refresh the preview’ to see on the right what the newsletter will look like.


Step 5) When you are ready to add your content to the Theme, click the blue button marked ‘(2) Go to edit your message’. Once on this page, you can create your newsletter, clicking on each section and adding content piece by piece.


Step 6) Once saved, the email will be added to the queue. Click on the toolbar option ‘Who will receive it’ to take the next step and add people to the list.


Step 7) From this section, you can add subscribers to the list based on gender, subscriber preferences (if the user wants to receive specific emails rather than ALL correspondence), the status of subscribers (you might not want to send emails to unconfirmed subscribers) or whether you only want to send to WordPress users. You can also set an approx number of receivers (leave as zero if you wish).


Step 8) Once you have finished setting who will receive your emails, click on ‘Other options’ from the Toolbar to complete the process. From here, you can decide to track clicks and message openings (useful for tracking conversions), set a time and date to send emails, and keep tabs on how many messages have been sent, which is useful for spotting ones that may not have been delivered.


Step 9) When you have sent your newsletter (or have set it to be sent out on a particular date), it will appear in the Newsletter List. From here, you can create copies, edit or delete newsletters, as well as check the statistics for the newsletter at any time to see how successful it has been with your subscribers.


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