How to Create Multiple Pages with Nested Pages

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In this article we will show you how to use WP Nested Pages to create multiple pages for your website in one sitting.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left menu of the Admin Panel, click to select Settings >> Nested Pages.


Step 3) On the Nested Pages Settings section, switch to Post Types on the top toolbar and enable all the features, before hitting the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.


Step 4) Head back to your Admin Panel, and choose Pages from the menu. You will see that the Nested Pages layout has replaced the default WordPress menu, and has enabled you to drag and drop the position of pages.


Step 5) At the top of the page, click on Add Multiple from the toolbar to open the Multiple Pages section.


Step 6) The Add Multiple Pages section consists of a left-hand column for the title (with a + sign that will add a new page to the section. On the right-hand side column, you can change the status of the Pages (Published and Draft), the author of the pages, and set a Template for them (Default, Blog, etc.).


Step 7) Use the + sign to create mutliple pages, add titles to them, and then use the right-hand column to set the status, author and templates.


Step 8) Once you have set up the creation of your multiple pages, hit the Add button (with a number in brackets for the number of pages you will be creating at once) to add these pages to your main Pages section.


Step 9) The three created Pages will now be featured in your Pages section. You can now edit, drag and drop and delete these pages as you see fit.


Step 10) When you hover over your pages, you will be given options as to what you wish to do with them. These options include: Adding a link, Add child (e.g. Books >> Book 1, etc.), Quick Edit and View. You can also Trash your page by hitting the red button with a trash can in the middle of it.


This concludes the guide to creating multiple pages with WP Nested Pages.

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