How to Create a New Theme for Popup Maker

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The final step of the guide to the Popup Maker WordPress plugin will show users how to create a new Popup Theme for your website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, click on Popup Maker >> Theme.


Step 3) On the Edit Theme page, you have the choice to rename your Theme (the default is – not surprisingly – Default Theme)


Step 4) The Overlay is what is behind the popups, and you can adjust the colour and opacity of the overlay in the Overlay Settings. The Theme Preview is on the right, and changes as you make changes throughout the Edit Theme page.


Step 5) The Container Settings are used to set the padding, colour and opacity of the area inside the Popup. You can use the sliders to adjust all three.


Step 6) The Border of the container button can be altered using the slider (for the corner radius) and by choosing a style of border from the dropdown provided.


Step 7) The Drop Shadow settings allow you to set the box shadow to inset (by choosing Yes or No from the box provided). You can also set the position, blur radius and colour of the drop shadow by using the sliders and options provided.


Step 8) You can change the Title Settings to give them more of a wow factor by changing the colour, size, line height and Family (which will keep in tune with your Theme if you wish). You can also change the alignment of your title from Left, Right and Center.


Step 9) If you wish to give your text some shadow, using the Text Shadow settings provided, using the sliders and colour options as your guide.


Step 10) The Content Settings are used for creating the theme inside the popups you have created. You can change the colour and then set the Family based on what Theme you have.


Step 11) The Close Settings are vast, and relate to the close button of the popups. You can change everything from the position, colour, font and background if you wish. It’s a lot of options from such a tiny button that is only used to close your popup, but at least they are thorough!


This concludes the guide to the Popup Maker WordPress plugin.

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