How to Create Secure Passwords for WordPress

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In this article, we will talk about passwords and how to create secure passwords.

A majority of people don’t think about passwords on sites that aren’t banking or high security sites. However every password should be treated the same way you would treat your banking password. Below, we will outline a few basic tips regarding passwords to help keep your online activity (and your WordPress site) secure.


Avoid using words in your passwords. When you do this, you are in fact creating a less secure password because it becomes easier to crack the password using a dictionary wordlist attack.

Mix it Up

Never use the same type of characters for your passwords. For example, an all lowercase password is MUCH easier to crack than a mix of lowercase and uppercase. Also just uppercasing the first letter does not help because most wordlists account for this variable. You should use UPPERCASE, lowercase, numbers, and when possible, symbols.

Short and Sweet is Bad

Never use passwords that are less than 8 characters long. When possible, you should in fact, use passwords that have 12 to 24 characters. Each additional character adds a huge amount of time to cracking process and in turn helps keep your login secure.

Change Things Up

When possible, try to change your passwords after a certain amount of time (3 months to a year) to help prevent the possibility of someone either cracking your password, or using your already cracked password for too long.

Password Manager

There are a lot of different password managers available for use that will help you keep track, create, and manage passwords. Some of the more popular ones include Last Pass and Key Pass.

Password Generators

There are some great online tools that can help you create secure, long, passwords. We highly recommend use of these generators to help keep your passwords truly random and to help you create secure passwords.

Here is one that you may find helpful.

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