How to Create an SEO Optimized Post with SEO by Squirrly

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The fourth step in the guide to the SEO by Squirrly WordPress plugin will show users how to create SEO optimized posts for your website using Squirrly's SEO Tools.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) To add a new post – with SEO by Squirrly optimisation tools built-in – head to Posts on your Dashboard and then click on Add New from the dropdown. The first difference to an ordinary WordPress post is that a box will ask you to enter a keyword for Squirrly live SEO optimisation. Enter the keyword in there and Squirrly will inform you on the optimisation of your post as you write it.


Step 3) The Squirrly Keyword Research Tool is useful because you can find a variety of keywords and terms to use in your posts from entering it into the box shown below. Click on the green arrow in the top-right hand corner, and then enter you keywords in the box. Click Do the Research to start the search.


Step 4) Type in your keywords into the box and start the research. The example below is what came up when we added Twitter and Trolls into the search box. The results below is what Squirrly came up with after analysing the terms. You can add these keywords by clicking on the green Use buttons shown on the right hand side.


Step 5) When you have added your keyword for optimisation, you will be given a range of results related to it. You can make changes to your posts if any issues come up in the box. They will be marked green. (See Step 6)


Step 6) When you type in a keyword, Squirrly goes through your post and shows you results based on the quality. It also gives you image options to add to your post. As you can see from the image below, the results come in categories based on Title, Clean and Friendly, Title and Content. If these are not shown in a green box, you’re in a good place.


The next step of the guide will focus on Analytics, Stats, and Further Tools in SEO by Squirrly.



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