How to Create a Whitelist and Blacklist for Limit Attempts

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The final step of the guide to the Limit Attempts plugin will show you how to create a Whitelist and a Blacklist for your website using the plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, click on BWS Plugins >> Limit Attempts. On the toolbar, click on Blocked IP. This will show all the IPs that are currently blocked and when the lock expires, and you can use this list to add to the blacklist, or take off the lock altogether.


Step 3) On the toolbar, head across to Blacklist. From here, you can add an IP address to the blacklist by adding it to the form and clicking on the button next to it.


Step 4) Once added to the Blacklist, the IP addresses will appear in the form below, where you can take them off the list should you wish to do so. They will appear on the list for as long as your have set in the original settings.


Step 5) If you’re feeling generous, you can take addresses off the blacklist and onto the whitelist by adding the IP address to the box on the Whitelist page and clicking the button next to it. This can also be used to give access to IP addresses that aren’t on the blacklist and you wish to allow access to.


Step 6) You can view the Statistics for IP addresses, including how many failed attempts and blocks they have achieved, and their current status, by heading to Statistics from the toolbar. Sadly, the Log section is for Pro users only.


This concludes our guide of the Limit Attempts plugin.


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