Creating a New Form with Ninja Forms

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The next step of the guide to the Ninja Forms WordPress plugin is to learn how to add a new form to your website using the plugins features.

Step 1) On the Dashboard, scroll down to ‘Forms’ and click on ‘Add New’ from the dropdown menu. From here, you’ve got four options on the toolbar: Form Settings, Field Settings, Notifications and Form Preview (where you can view your form when it’s done).


Step 2) After entering the name of your form, the next step is to create the basic form behaviour settings, which include displaying the form title and deciding whether or not the user has to be logged in to view the form.


Step 3) The next step is to add the form to a particular page, using the dropdown provided. You can also choose to clear successfully completed forms and then hide them from the page when they are completed by the user.


Step 4) You can set a limit to the number of submissions that the form will accept, which is great for websites that are running competitions. You can set the number and create a limit reached message for the user to see when the limit hits.


Step 5) After saving the ‘Form Settings’, scroll across to ‘Field Settings’. These first step is to set your fields, and create your favourite fields, which will speed up the process of creating forms. The Template fields are shown below, and include a text box, Anti-Spam, Password and more.


Step 6) To add user information that you need for your form, click on the options below and then hit ‘Save’.


Step 7) If you are having payments included in your forms, the Payment Fields are required for your forms. Click on them and save them to your forms.


Step 8) Below is an example of what comes up when you hit ‘Password’ on the Template fields. A variety of options come up for you to go through and set for your form, including adding the label and showing the password strength indicator.


Step 9) The next step is to create Notifications to be sent to your users when somebody fills out your forms. Click on ‘Notifications’ from the toolbar, then ‘Add New’.


Step 10) The first notification settings are to set a name, type (email, comment, etc.) and the format of the notification.


Step 11) You can change the ‘From Name’ and ‘From Address’ that will appear in your email notification in the boxes shown below.


Step 12) The ‘To’ and ‘Subject’ fields of the notification can be set to anything you like, e.g. To – Valued Customer, for example.


Step 13) In the email message section, you can create the email message that will be automatically sent to the user who fills out your form. You can add links, images and text to your notifications, and make them as fancy or as simple as you like.


Step 14) Underneath the email box, you will find the Advanced Settings. From here, you can add ‘Reply to’, ‘CC’ and ‘Bcc’ to the notifications. This is useful for sending yourself a copy of the notification, for your records.


Step 15) To see what your form looks like when completed, hit ‘Form Preview’. Your form will appear in another window, and give you an indication as to whether you’re on the right track.


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