Creating a Photo Album using the WP Photo Album WordPress Plugin

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The third step in the guide to the WP Photo Album Plus WordPress plugin will guide you through the process of creating a photo album using the features available via the plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, click on Photo Albums >> Album Admin. From this page, click on the Create New Empty Album button.


Step 3) This will take you to the Edit Album Information page. Start by giving your new album a name and writing a description for the album.


Step 4) You can then view details related to the album, including when it was last modified/created, how many views it has generated and who owns the album.


Step 5) The next step is to choose the album order, the order in which the photos will appear in the series (random, alphabetical, etc.) and whether the album has a parent (e.g. Films (parent), Name of Film (child)).


Step 6) You can choose a cover photo for your album, and then choose the type of cover (long descriptions, image factory or standard). You can also set an upload limit for the number of photos that can be added to an album.


Step 7) By using the Apply Default Tags and Add Default Tags links, you can add tags to your images in a quick and easy way that will improve the SEO of the images in your albums.


Step 7b) Below is where the image tags will show in your Manage Albums page.


Step 8) The link type is designed to set up where the links for your albums will go, including the albums as a slideshow, a link page with a clean URL, and more. You can use the Link To option to choose where the links will go. The Schedule section can be used to set a date and time for photos and the album itself.


Step 9) To upload photos to your album, head to the Photo Albums >> Upload Photos section from the Admin Panel. Make sure you read the Notice at the top of the page as it tells you the maximum upload totals for size and memory.


Step 10) There are three ways to upload photos. Box A is to add multiple photos in one selection (up to 20 images), Box B is to add single photos in multiple selections (one-by-one and up to 20 images), and Box C is to add images in a .zip file.


Step 11) You can choose to Import Photos from your computer or URLs by selecting Remote from the first section. If you want to add photos from elsewhere on your site, choose Local and select images from your wp-content files. Hit the Import button when you’ve finished choosing.


Step 12) Once you have uploaded a photo, you will be taken to the Manage Photos page, where you can edit your photo information, including the URL, title, description, size and much more.


The next step in the guide will show you how to add images to your posts using shortcodes.

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