Creating Strong Passwords for WordPress

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Really, we could sit here and go back and forth on what makes a strong password, and the truth is, there’s no silver bullet. If there was, then that would mean passwords created under such a mentality wouldn’t be strong at all. Indeed, they’d be predictable.

However, there are several immutable considerations for creating strong passwords.

Uppercase Characters

Always consider the use of upper case characters. Give thought to that they’re most likely to be at the start of a word, and consider putting them somewhere else in the word.

Special Characters

Using special characters goes without saying, naturally they consist of !@#$%^&*() and so on. You should definitely consider using these within your passwords.

Use Words

Perhaps it sounds counter intuitive, but you should definitely consider using real words in your password, or should we say, passphrase. When using words, use as many as you can remember, and preferably ones that are unique to nothing whatsoever, making them harder for anyone to guess.

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