Adding Custom Posts and Taxonomies in Custom Post Type UI

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The third step of the guide to the Custom Post Type UI WordPress plugin will focus on creating a new custom post and taxonomies, using Film as a custom post type and Actors as the Taxonomy.

Step 1) On the Dashboard, scroll down to CPT UI and click on ‘Add New’ from the dropdown. On the next page, you will be asked to create a new custom post type and taxonomy. We have filled both sides out for ‘Films’ and ‘Actors’ as an example. Save these and they will become available for creation and editing on the left-hand sidebar under ‘Films’.


Step 2) As you can see from the screenshot below, the custom post type ‘Films’ is now available on the Dashboard sidebar, with ‘Actors’ – the taxonomy – underneath. From here, you can add a film to your website as a post at any time, and add actors too. Firstly though, click on ‘Films’ to see the Dashboard, which will show all the posts you have created using this custom post type. Click on ‘Add Film’, create your post, and you will find it here in future.


Step 3) When adding a new film/post, click on ‘Add Film’ and this will open a new WordPress post. From here, you can create your posts, and add taxonomies (in this case, Actors) to the post on the right-hand side. This works in the same way as if you were adding tags to a ordinary post. They must be separated by commas, and you can choose from the list of most used actors by clicking the option provided.


Step 4) To create a new Taxonomy without creating it in the post, you can click the name of the taxonomy (in this case, Actors) from the dropdown under the custom post type (Films) and add them to a list. This means that you can automatically click on them when you are creating a post, and it will also create a page specifically with all the posts relative to the taxonomy. In the box shown, you can add a Name, Description and create a slug (URL) for any actor, and whenever people on your site want to read posts related to that actor, they can click on the taxonomy and head to the URL which includes all of those posts.


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