Duplicate Post WordPress Plugin Guide

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This article will guide you through the process of installing, configuring and optimizing the Duplicate Post WordPress Plugin, which is extremely useful for making instant copies of posts and pages. Perfect for businesses making multiple product pages or for creating new drafts whilst keeping the previous draft. A great time saving plugin.

Step 1) Login to the Dashboard

Step 2) Click on the Plugins section on the Left Sidebar

Duplicate Post - Part 1 - Step 2

Step 3) Click on “Add New”

Duplicate Post - Part 1 - Step 3

Step 4) Type “Duplicate Post” into the search box

Duplicate Post - Part 1 - Step 4

Step 5) Scroll down to “Duplicate Post” and click Install Now

Duplicate Post - Part 1 - Step 5

Step 6) On the next page, click “Activate”

Duplicate Post - Part 1 - Step 6

Now that you have installed the Plugin, the next step is to adjust the settings…

Step 7) Click on “Installed Plugins” and on that page, scroll down to Duplicate Post and click on “Settings”

Duplicate Post - Part 2 - Step 1

Step 8) On the Duplicate Post Options screen, you can choose which details you want to copy to the new post, including the Date, Status (including whether of not the post is a Draft, Pending Review or Published), what excerpt you take over to the new post/page and the attachments. You can also decide to exclude any fields and taxonomies (Categories, Tags and the Post format) from the duplicated post. This all makes for a quick and simple duplicate post/page transition, and save a lot of time and frustration.

Duplicate Post - Part 2 - Step 2

Step 9) You can also change the Title Prefix and Suffix. These are what is added before and after the original title, and is used to keep track on what posts are duplicates/copies to avoid any confusion.

Duplicate Post - Part 2 - Step 3

Step 10) The next step is to choose who has the permission to copy drafts. Tick the boxes to give permission to the Administrator, Editor and any authors/contributors who also write on your site and have access to posts. You can also choose where you will see your copied links, including in the Post list, Edit Screen and Admin bar of WordPress.

Duplicate Post - Part 2 - Step 4

Step 11) Now that you settings are in place, you can duplicate posts and pages from the Post/Page List screen. First of all, click on ‘All Posts’ from the Posts section on the left sidebar of the Dashboard.

Duplicate Post - Part 3 - Step 1

Step 12) If you hover over a post, you will see that the option to create a Clone or a New Draft will turn up. Clicking Clone will simply create a new copy, whereas New Draft will open the new draft of the post in a new post.

Duplicate Post - Part 3 - Step 2

Step 13) Once you have hit Clone or New Draft (and saved it), it will show in the All Posts section as shown below:

Duplicate Post - Part 3 - Step 3

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