How to Add New Downloads with Easy Digital Downloads

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In this section of the guide to the Easy Digital Downloads plugin, we will take a look at the Add New feature where you can add new digital download products.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard navigate to Downloads -> Add New.


To add a new digital download, complete the fields as outlined below:

A. Enter Download Title Here Enter a title for your download in this text box.
B. Body Text Enter descriptive text outlining the download in this area.



Download Prices

This plugin offers simple pricing or variable pricing. Depending on your selection, complete the fields as outlined below.

C-1. No Variable Pricing If you do not want variable pricing, leave this check box unchecked.
Enter a price for the download in the text box. For this example $14.99 was entered.
C-2. Enable Variable Pricing If you want to enable variable pricing, place a check mark in the check box.

Once a check mark is placed in this check box, the Enable multi-option purchase mode check box appears. Place a check mark in this check box if you want to enable multi-option purchase mode.

Enter an Option Name and a Price.

To add additional options, click the Add New Price button.



Download Files

This area is where you can upload your file(s) that your users/customers will download. Complete the fields as follows:

D. Select Product Type This dropdown box has two options available:
– Default
– Bundle
E. File Name Enter a descriptive file name.
F. File URL You can either enter a filename in the text box or click the Upload a File button where you can browse and select a file to upload to the Media Library.
G. Price Assignment If you have different price points, they will be available in the dropdown list. For this example, the only option is All.
H. Add New File Button Click the Add New File button to upload additional files.


If you have completed the fields as outlined above, the Download Files area should now look like this:


Download Notes, Excerpt, Other

I. Download Notes Enter any special instructions for this product. These notes will be added to the purchase receipt.
J. Excerpt Excerpts are optional summaries of your content and can be entered here..
K. Author The Author dropdown box displays a list of users you can set as the Author.
L. Sharing Buttons Place a check mark in the check box if you want to display the Sharing Buttons on the product page. This is checked by default.


If you have completed the fields as outlined above, the Add New Download area should now look like this:


Right Sidebar

A. Download Stats The Download Stats area displays the total sales and earnings from this product as well as the ability to view the Download Log and Detailed Earnings Report.
B. Publish In this area you can modify the product status. For example:

  • Draft
  • Published
  • Visibility: Public/Private/Password Protected
  • Preview Product
  • Move to Trash
C. Download Categories It is a good idea to assign each product to an appropriate category. You will notice that currently there are no categories created. To create a new category, click the Add New Category hyperlink. Enter an appropriate category name in the text box and click the Add New Category button to add the new category and assign this product to same.
D. Download Tags You can assign existing Download Tags to this product. You will notice that currently there are no Download Tags. To add a Download Tag, enter a tag name in the text box and click the Add button.
E. Download Settings In the File Download Limit text box you can enter a value for the max. number of downloads/customer. Leave 0 for unlimited downloads or enter a numeric value.

Button Options – place a check mark in the check box if you want to disable the automatic output of the purchase button. Unchecked by default.

F. Featured Image To set a featured image for the product, click the Featured Image hyperlink and select an image from the Media Library or upload a new image to the Media Library.


On the right sidebar, navigate to Publish -> Save Draft button to save your product.

To view your product prior to publishing, click the Preview button.


We recommend that you complete the configuration of the Easy Digital Downloads plugin prior to publishing any products.

The next step in the guide will focus on How to Manage Product Categories in Easy Digital Downloads.


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