How to Add a New Event to the Events Calendar

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This section of the Event Calendar Plugin guide will look at how you can create a new event for your calendar.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the Left-hand side of the Dashboard sidebar, click on Events. When you are taken to the Events page, simply click on Add New to be taken to the Add New Event page.


Step 3) On the Add New Event page, you can write descriptive post about the event, and add any media (including photos from past events, a logo or a promo photo) to the post, as you would a normal blog post entry. You can add Tags and choose a Category for your event too, so people searching your site and search engines for events will likely come across your event when it goes live. If you need to add any HTML, you can switch between Visual and Text (HTML) styles to make it easier for you.


Step 4) Once you have entered the description for the event, the next step is to scroll down beneath the description and add the Event Time and Date details. Here you can tick the box that says All Day Event or choose a beginning and end time and date for your event. Be sure to double check your am and pm’s and all the finer details, as you don’t want complaints from misinformed people!

3 Time and Date

Step 5) The next step is to add the event location details, including the Venue Name, Address, City and Postcode. You can also show a  Google Map of the venue and a link to the Google Maps page. Once you have entered a venues details, it is saved to your Venues page. You can use this for future events at the same venue, hence the Use Saved Venue option at the top of the options.

4 location details

Step 6) The event organiser details include the name, address, phone number, email address and website of the organiser, as well as the website for the event iself and the cost for the event. Similar to the venue, once these details are added, they are saved to the Organiser page for easy future use.

5 Organiser details

Step 7) Once your events are up and running, you can choose to purchase Add-Ons such as Facebook Events, Community Events (allowing users to create their own events on your site) and a variety of other options as seen below. Add-Ons start at $65.



The next step of the guide will focus on How to Add Organizers to the Events Calendar.


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