How to Import a CSV File to the Events Calendar

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The final step of the guide will show you how to import CSV files into your Events Calendar.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the Dashboard, click on the Events section on the Left-hand sidebar and choose Import:CSV from the dropdown options.


Step 3) Read the guide (and watch the tutorial video if you need to) on how to important Events, Venues and Organisers from pre-prepared CSV files. The purpose of adding these files is to save you a lot of time adding each Event, Venue and Organiser one-by-one. If you haven’t kept a CSV file with all the names, addresses and details on them, it will save you hours of adding time if you start one now.


Step 4) Choose a category (Event, Venue or Organiser) and upload your CSV file. You should keep the box at the bottom ticked as it means that the Events Calendar will know to use column headings on the next screen you go to.


This concludes our guide of the Events Calendar plugin.


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