Fast Secure Contact Form WordPress Plugin Overview

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Welcome to our guide to getting the best out of the Fast Secure Contact Form WordPress Plugin, which is great for setting up one of the most effective calls to action a website can have: The contact form. It also enables you to cut out spammers with it’s customisable design.


  • ll new improved 4.xx version code base.
  • New user interface with tabs.
  • New ‘Fields’ tab where you can re-order the display sequence of all the fields via a drag and drop interface.
  • Forms are easy to add, remove, label, and edit and preview. Add as many as you need.
  • Comes with standard fields of (Name, Email, Subject, Message). Any of the standard fields can be disabled.
  • Fields are easy to add, remove, and re-order.
  • Add extra fields of any type: text, textarea, checkbox, checkbox-multiple, radio, select, select-multiple, attachment, date, time, hidden, password, fieldset(box). See FAQ
  • File attachments are supported, see here for details:
  • Backup/restore tool. You can backup/restore all your forms or single forms and settings.
  • Easy to hide subject and message fields for use as a newsletter signup.
  • Send mail to single or multiple contacts.
  • Optional – redirect to any URL after message sent.
  • Optional – posted data can be sent as a query string on the redirect URL.
  • Optional – confirmation email message.
  • Valid coding for HTML, XHTML, HTML STRICT, Section 508, and WAI Accessibility.
  • Reloads form data and warns user if user forgets to fill out a field.
  • CAPTCHA can be turned off or hidden from logged in users and or admins.
  • Auto form fill for logged in users.
  • Customizable form field labels.
  • Customizable CSS style.
  • New PHP Sessions are no longer enabled by default allowing for best compatibility with servers, caching, themes, and other plugins. This should resolve any PHP sessions related issues some users had.
  • New added filter hooks for 3rd party plugins and custom modifications.
  • New improved validation of time fields.
  • New improved CAPTCHA images.
  • New improved select options setting.
  • New more optimized HTML indents when view source, added ID tags to form elements.
  • New setting on the Advanced tab to enable a “view / print message” button after message sent. This feature will be skipped if the “redirect after the message sends” is also enabled.
  • New Default CSS style for ‘labels on top’ is now responsive(note:your theme style has to be responsive also).
  • New improved Styles tab with internal or external CSS Style feature, you choose what you want.
  • New easier to use field labels, tags, and field options. You no longer have to escape comas in form labels and options.
  • New feature: for select, radio, checbox-miltiple, select-multiple field types: If you add options as a key==value set (use == to separate) the value will show on the form and the key will show in the email.
  • New field Setting: “Hide label” check this setting if you want to hide the field label on the form.
  • New field setting: “Default as placeholder” Check this setting if you want the default text to be a placeholder inside the form field. The placeholder is a short hint that is displayed in the input field before the user enters a value. Works with the following input types only: name, email, subject, message, text, textarea, url, and password.
  • New tags capability for fields.
  • New ‘Reset Form’ button to Tools tab.
  • New ‘Delete Form’ function to Tools tab.
  • New ‘Reset Styles on all forms’ button to the Tools tab.
  • New setting to skip names of non-required and unfilled-out fields in emails.
  • Sends Email with UTF-8 character encoding for US and International character support.
  • Pre-fill in form fields from a URL query string.
  • Save emails to the WordPress database, or export to CSV or Excel.
  • I18n language translation support.

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