How to Fix Not Receiving your WordPress Password via Email

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In this article we’ll look at ways you can remedy not receive your WordPress password or password reset link via email. This also impacts when new users register, as they will also not be receiving the email if you are not.

Help me! I’m trying to change my WordPress password and I’m not receiving the email!

There are two common causes of this case.

Cause 1) Interference with the send, and or return, email address of emails that WordPress sends.

Check previous emails you’ve received from your WordPress installation. Confirm they have been sent from — if not, a different address may have been specified somewhere, perhaps in the theme’s code of via a plugin.

Try disabling one plugin at a time, particularly any that you’ve installed recently, and per disabled plugin, try resetting your password.

Alternatively, if you have recently changed themes, you may wish to check the theme’s documentation, or consult the theme’s developer, to ask if anything like this is implemented.

Cause 2) Emails are being Spam filtered.

First off, check your Spam/Junk folder in your email account for WordPress emails.

If you’re running WordPress with a web host, it’s quite likely that they’ll be using either one or both of the Sender Policy Framework and Domain Key Identified Mail, very common anti-spam measures. You need to check with your host to see which of either they are using, and then check the header of any previously received WordPress emails to see that it’s being applied correctly to the emails.

If you would like to offload Email from your server for testing or other purposes, you can use the Easy WP SMTP plugin.

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