How to Fix WordPress Links with %E2%80%8E at the End

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Why is this happening?

As it turns out, this is not actually a WordPress caused problem, it happens when you copy and paste your post and/or its title from a Word Processor, such as Microsoft Word, and means end of line.

How to fix %E2%80%8E appearing on URLs

Step 1) Identify the link, and open the post or page it appears on in the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) We need to delete the invisible character causing the issue, so delete the last several characters from the URL, including the quotation mark, so that this

<a href="" target="_blank">bbPress: Creating Forums</a>

becomes this

<a href=" target="_blank">bbPress: Creating Forums</a>

Step 3) Manually retype what was deleted.

Step 4) Click Update then go and check the revised post to confirm the problem is resolved.



  1. Lucky Bhumkar

    The ugly URL trailing with %e2%80%8e is result of copy-paste content from Word, Excel or web page content. In this case copied content may include the special character which sometimes hidden ASCII space character. Just follow the below steps,

    1. Go to cPanel > phpMyAdmin
    2. Select the WP database
    3. Click on Search tab
    4. Enter value %e2%80%8e. Select the exact phrase with table wp_post. Please 5. note that the table name might be vary; however usually ends with the word post.
    Browse the results. Now click on Edit link
    6. Navigate toward post_name and remove the ugly content.
    7. Finish

    Hope this will help you. Based on the solution from DoubtSolver.

  2. Douglas Kemp

    I just had this issue and managed to solve it on bulk without database heart surgery and php my admin.

    Neat little WordPress plugin called “Better Search and Replace” allows you to do a “dry run” test on the database without making changes and the free version is fine to fix this bug.

    Saved me a good few hours manually fixing 700 posts with phpMyAdmin might have been a bit suicidal.

    Hope this helps someone.

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