Changing Field Labels in Fast Secure Contact Form

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The next section of the guide to the Fast Secure Contact Form WordPress Plugin will take a look at the Field Label settings of your contact form.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the Left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, scroll down to Plugins and choose FS Contact Form from the dropdown options. The next page will be the Settings page for the contact form. Click on Labels from the Toolbar to choose what labels you want to include on your contact form. These labels include the *indicates required field option, which is likely to deter any spambots, as it has to be filled in to be able to go through.

The form also has a list of labels that can be filled in, which in turn will override the ones on the form and be included when your form goes live. Some people like to say Thank you when a form has been filled in, and you can add that to the labels as shown below.


Step 3) The Tooltip Label Settings can be used to add more labels to your form, including adding a Captcha Image, a Refresh option and giving details of what the acceptable files are, as well as the maximum size permitted for each file. These are not essential, but it’s good to have options. You may want to use them in the future.


Step 4) Sometimes it’s nice to add a little individuality and personality to your contact form, and the Error Message Settings can be used for you to write your own error message for when a user (or spambot) keeps messing up the form. Some of the options below are pretty good, but you can also write your own if you wish.


The next step of the guide will focus on Configuring Security Settings in Fast Secure Contact Form.


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