Configuring Fields in Fast Secure Contact Form for WordPress

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This section of the guide to the Fast Secure Contact Form WordPress Plugin will take a look at the field settings of your contact form. These are used to determine what information your form is going to ask for from the folks filling it out.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) Head to the FS Contact Form section on the Plugins dropdown menu. Once on the Settings page, click on the Fields section of the toolbar. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can pick and choose which fields will be available for your site users to fill out once your form is live. You can alter the names of these Standard Fields (Name, Email address, Subject, Message) but they must stand, as they are essential information.


Step 3) The General Field Settings can be altered, and include Date and Time settings, the type of files that can be uploaded to the contact form (including photo files, Word documents, spreadsheets and PDF files) and set a limit for the file size they can send. You can also enable users to send HTML code if they choose to do so.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Change the Style of Fast Secure Contact Form for WordPress.


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