Generating Shortcodes with the WP File Upload WordPress Plugin

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The third step in the guide to the WP File Upload WordPress plugin will take you through the process of generating shortcodes, that you can add to the posts and pages of your website in order to upload files.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, click on Settings >> WordPress File Upload. From the toolbar at the top of the page, click on Shortcode Composer.


Step 3) Throughout the process, the Generated Shortcode will change depending on what you add to the feature. The toolbar at the bottom of the page is where you’ll find all of the features, including General, Placements, Labels, etc.


Step 4) The first part of the General section is the Basic Functionalities, which include setting the upload path and choosing the Single Button Operation for the file.


Step 5) The Filters section allows you to upload roles (including guests), allow file extensions and set the allowed file size.


Step 6) The Upload Path and Files section allows you to create a upload path and set the folder access method (normal or by FTP). You can also choose to show subfolders and set the file duplication settings.


Step 7) If you want to redirect your users to another page after they have uploaded a file, change the box to ON, and then add the Redirection URL to the box provided. You can then use the Other Administrator Options to enable or disable various features, including AJAX and Debug Mode.


Step 8) The Placements section is used to change the positions of your plugin components. Use the drag and drop functionality to set the shortcode placement.


Step 9) The Labels section gives you the options to set titles, button captions, upload messages and much more. Simply fill in the boxes provided, or leave them as they are if you wish.


Step 10) The Notifications section is used to ensure that the email notifications are set up correctly for when an upload is completed.


Step 11) The Colors section is used to create colours for various messages, including successful upload, successful message and more.


Step 12) The Dimensions section is used to set the component widths and heights for various plugin components, including Title, Upload Button and more.


Step 13) You can add additional fields to your shortcode by heading to the Additional Fields section and adding them using the + button and writing your message.


The final step in the guide will show you how to add your shortcode to a post.

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