Genesis Framework: Theme Details

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In this section of the guide to the Genesis Framework, we will take a look at the Theme Details page.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) The Theme Details can be found by clicking on Appearance and then Themes on the Dashboard. From there, hover over the Genesis Framework Theme and Theme Details will appear in the centre. Simply click there and you will be taken to the page below.

Genesis Framework by StudioPress - Part 2 - Step 1

Step 3) On the Theme Details page, you are given a rundown of what the Genesis Framework Theme provides, and at the bottom of the page, there are three options where you can make cool adjustments to the Theme: Customize, Widgets and Menus. Let’s take a look at all three.

Genesis Framework by StudioPress - Part 2 - Step 2

Step 4) If you click on Customize first, it will take you to the Home Page of your site, but a sidebar will have appeared that allows you to make changes to the settings of your Theme that will alter how your website appears and functions to the user.

For example, if you choose have your blog posts in a list format as your Home Page rather than a static Home Page, you can set that from this Customize page.

You can also add Widgets and change your sites title from here, too. It is useful to remember as it can save a lot of time navigating around your Dashboard.

Genesis Framework by StudioPress - Part 2 - Step 3

Step 5) If you click on the Widgets button on the Theme Details page, it will take you to the Widgets page. There are a host of available widgets here to choose from, and depending on where you drag them to, they will appear in different sections on your site. For example, if you wanted to have social media widgets in the Primary Sidebar, you would choose the desired widgets and drag them there. Once saved, they will appear on your site as you have set them up.

Genesis Framework by StudioPress - Part 2 - Step 4

Step 6) The third option of the Theme Details page is Menus. The Menus of your site are usually found at the top in the Header of your site, but some Themes offer more than one menu – Primary and Secondary. You can fill these Menus with any pages, links or categories you like, and move them around and add to them as you wish from the Menus section on the Dashboard, which is under Appearance.

Genesis Framework by StudioPress - Part 2 - Step 5

Step 7) Once you have created a menu, you can add to it from the sections shown below – including Pages, Categories and Links – and they will appear until that Menu on your website. The Menu Settings allow you to automatically add new pages to either or both the Primary and Secondary menus.

Genesis Framework by StudioPress - Part 2 - Step 6

Step 8) Genesis supports two menus, and from the Manage Locations section, you can decide which menu you want in the Primary navigation menu and which one you want in the Secondary location, which will sit under your logo, just before the content of your Home Page.

Genesis Framework by StudioPress - Part 2 - Step 7

The next step of the guide will focus on the Genesis Framework: Theme Settings.


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