Genesis Simple Edits WordPress Plugin Guide

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Hello and welcome to the guide to the Genesis Simple Edits WordPress plugin, which is a plugin designed for users of the Genesis Framework (available at $59.95). With the plugin, website owners using Genesis as their WordPress theme can edit the three most commonly modified areas in any Genesis theme: the post-info (byline), the post-meta, and the footer area.

Step 1) On the Dashboard of your website, scroll down until you get to ‘Plugins’ and give it a click


Step 2) This will take you to the ‘Installed Plugins’ page. At the top of the page, click ‘Add New’. Alternatively, hit ‘Add New’ from the dropdown menu provided


Step 3) On the ‘Add Plugins’ page, type in the name of the plugin you’re looking for and hit ‘Enter’ to start your search


Step 4) On the ‘Search Results’ page, scroll down until you find your plugin and hit the button marked ‘Install Now’. You can read more about your plugin by clicking on the blue link marked ‘More Details’


Step 5) Your plugin is now installed and unpacked onto your website. The final step is to click on the blue link marked ‘Activate Plugin’


Step 6) When the plugin is activated, you will be redirected to the ‘Installed Plugins’ page. Check your details here, before starting on your plugins features.


Step 7) To find Simple Edits, scroll down your sidebar on the Dashboard until you get to ‘Genesis’, and choose ‘Simple Edits’ from the dropdown options.


Step 8) The first option to edit is your Entry Meta (above your content). The example below shows the date of the post, a link to the author posts page, the comments on the page, and the ability to edit posts. You can edit this as you see fit using meta tags.


Step 9) The Entry Meta (below content) box is where you can add shortcodes to add content below your post. At present, the categories and tags used in your posts will show, but by clicking on the blue link ‘Show available entry meta shortcodes’, you can add more shortcodes to the section below your posts, including author links, modification history and more.


Step 10) The Footer Credit text is what shows at the bottom of your website, and is designed to show off the creators of the Genesis theme you are using. The default below shows Copyright and a link to StudioPress, who designed the theme.


Step 11) If you tick the box marked ‘Modify Entire Footer Text (including markup)’, you will override the options above (in Footer Credit Text) and use the content of the box shown in the image below. If you want to add more details, you can add more shortcodes by clicking on the blue link marked ‘Show available footer shortcodes’.



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