How to Configure the Google Analytics Dashboard Backend Settings

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In this section of the Google Analytics Dashboard WordPress Plugin guide, we take a look at the Backend Settings of the plugin, including the different stats and charts you can obtain for your analytical records and reporting.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the Dashboard, click on Google Analytics on the sidebar, then choose Backend Settings from the dropdown to take you to the Settings page.


Step 3) From the Backend Settings page, you can change the General Settings so that the statistics for every person who uses the site will show in Google Analytics. This includes everyone from the Admin of the site (the site owner), to Editors, Authors, Contributors and even Blocked people. You can also choose to disable Switch Profile/View functionality so the stats for everyone are shown at once.

The Real-Time tab shows statistics from GA as they come in, and you can change the number of pages that are shown in this tab. The more you choose, the slower the loading times will be for your site, so keep it to a reasonable number so you receive the data but not at a detriment to your site speed.


Step 4) The Additional Stats and Charts section allow you to make the most of Google Analytics reporting and get more accurate and specific stats from the plugin. The Geo Map Chart for visits will highlight where in the world your stats are coming from, which is useful if your stats are coming from specific areas where your business does or doesn’t operate. You can wind this down to show the Top 10 cities (or less, or more).

Other stats to show include a full traffic overview, the top pages, top referrers (Social Media, search engines, etc.) and the top searches that brings people to your site. Top searches is useful as it shows what keywords and phrases are bringing people to your website.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Configure the Google Analytics Dashboard Frontend Settings.


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