Why is my WordPress Homepage Blank?

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In this article, we will talk about possible reasons your homepage may be appearing blank (a white page).

There are a number of different reasons that this may be happening, so it will require a little bit of testing.


You may need to contact your hosting provider to ensure that the permissions for your WordPress install are correct.

If a file or folder does not have the correct read/write access, this could very easily cause WordPress not to function correctly or at all.

PHP Errors

Sometimes when you homepage is blank, it may be due to PHP errors that are not being displayed. You can check this by logging into your hosting control panel and checking the error log. If you don’t have direct access to this log, you should contact your hosting provider to have them check for you.

Plugins and Themes

If your homepage goes blank after installing or updating a plugin/theme, try changing the theme or deactivate the plugin to see if that resolves the problem. If it does, you may need to contact the developer to in order to continue using the plugin or theme.


In some situations, if you have a misconfigured htaccess file, your site will load with a blank page. To test to see if this is the issue, try renaming the htaccess file and then attempt to load your site. If your site loads, you may need to update the htaccess file with the correct WordPress htaccess contents.


If none of the options above corrected the issue, you may need to try replacing the core WordPress files. However, before you do, you can try other basic debugging tactics outlined in our article here.

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