How to Configure the Twitter Cards Meta Options

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In this section of the guide to the Twitter Cards Meta plugin, we will show you how to configure the plugin, including Twitter username, defaults, and more.

Prior to continuing with this guide, please make sure you have an existing Twitter Account.
If you do not have a Twitter Account, click here to create one.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, navigate to Settings -> Twitter Cards Meta.


Step 3) Complete the fields as outlined below:

A. Site’s Main Twitter Account Enter the name of your site’s main twitter account in this textbox.
For this example, ecakesonline was entered.
B. Use Authors’ Twitter Account If checked, the Author’s Twitter Account will be used.
For this example, this field was checked.
C. Image Selection By default, First image from content was selected.
For this example, no change was made.
D. Default Image URL Enter the full path of your Default Image.

For this example, the picture shown below was set as the Default Image.


E. Twitter Cards Type Selection By default, Photo Cards was selected.
For this example, Summary Card was selected.
F. Description For Home Page Enter a description for the Twitter Account in the textarea shown below.
For this example, a new description was entered (see screenshot below).
G. Use Default Card Type Sitewide
If checked, all posts will show the default Cards Type you selected. Individual Card type selection per post will not work.


If the fields were completed as outlined above, they will display as follows:


Step 4) Click the Save Settings button to save any changes.

The next step of the guide will focus on Setup & Validate Summary Cards for Twitter Cards Meta.


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