How to Import Content From One WordPress Installation to Another

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If you are moving content, such as posts and images, from one website to another, you can use the WordPress exporter and importer.

On the source website, where the content currently resides, log in to the WordPress Dashboard, normally at, and browse to Tools » Export


Here you can choose if you would like all content, posts, or pages.

choosing what is to be exported

Click Download Export File when you are ready, and save the export file to your local machine, it’ll be named along the lines of sitename.wordpress.YYYY-MM-DD.xml

Now, log in to the WordPress Dashboard of the site where you want the content to go, this time browsing to Tools » Import, and being sure to select WordPress from the list.

selecting the wordpress importer

If this is the first time importing content, then it will prompt you to install the Importer as shown below.

instaling the wordpress importer

Once installed, select “Activate Plugin & Run Importer”

activate plugin and run importer

Select choose file, and select the file that you downloaded earlier, as this will instruct WordPress what to import. When ready, hit “Upload File & Import”

choosing the import file

You’ll then be asked to import or create authors, and also have the option to assign to an existing author, as well as choose to import any media that exists in the posts.

wordpress import conflict resolution

When you’re ready, start the import and let it go for as long as it needs. If you have a lot of content and images to import, it may take some time, and eventually, you’ll be greeted with something similar to this.

import complete

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