How to Clear Your Site’s Cache with Hyper Cache

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The second section of the guide to the Hyper Cache WordPress plugin takes a look at the process of clearing the cache to keep your website running at full speed and at its full potential.

Step 1) Head to the ‘Settings’ section of the sidebar of your Dashboard. The dropdown options will now appear, and ‘Hyper Cache’ can be found right at the very bottom.


Step 2) As you can see from the Toolbar, there are four options related to cleaning the cache. The first option is to simply clean the whole cache, which of course will clear everything from the cache.


Step 3) The second option on the Toolbar will clean the Home and Archives section of your cache, which are the sections of your site which will need to be cleared the most due to receiving the most traffic.


Step 4) The third option on the toolbar is ‘Compute the Cache Size’. Hitting this button will indicate how large your cache is. The size of the cache will determine how much memory you have for data, which in turn will keep your site running fast, or indicate whether it will be running slowly.


Step 5) The fourth and final option on the Toolbar is ‘Import Old Options’. This will convert the old options to the new one, although this is only essential if your new options aren’t working as well.


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