Configuring Compression, Autocleaning and More in Hyper Cache

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The next step in the guide to the Hyper Cache WordPress Plugin will take a look at the general settings of the plugin, which focus on a range of settings, including compression, autocleaning the cache and many more.

Step 1) On the Dashboard, scroll down the sidebar to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Hyper Cache’ from the dropdown. When you find yourself on the page, you will see a toolbar with three options on it: General, Bypasses and Mobile. Click on ‘General’ for the settings.


Step 2) Tick the Disable box if you want to turn off translations and see the panels with the original labels.


Step 3) You can set the number of hours that cached pages will be valid for. 0 means forever, but the default is 24 hours.


Step 4) You can enable the compression of the cached pages to save memory by ticking the box enabling compression.


Step 5) Leave the cache folder empty if you want to keep it as the default one. If you get it wrong, it can screw everything up on your blog, so be careful and be 100% sure of what your folder is if you aren’t going to use the default one.


Step 6) You can change the number of minutes that an autoclean of the cache will take place. This will remove old files and save you disk space. You can set it at zero and do it manually on the main page, or set it to 60 minutes or more depending on how often you would like your cache cleared.


Step 7) The final option on the General Settings page is to allow for browser caching and give it an expire time in hours. This will enable Hyper Cache to send a signal to the browser telling it not to request a page more than once, and to use the copy it has in the local cache instead. If you set it at 24 hours, it will keep the copy for that long.


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