How to Import Posts from Blogger to WordPress

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Step 1) Log in to the WordPress Dashboard

Step 2) Click Tools on the left hand menu

click tools in the left hand menu

Step 3) Click Import in the left hand menu


Step 4) Select the Blogger Importer

blogger importer

Step 5) Install the Blogger Importer if prompted

Step 6) Active and Run the the newly installed plugin

activate and run blogger importer

Step 7) Click Authorize

authorize blogger importer copy

Step 8) Choose the Google Account that manages the blog you wish to import

choose a google account to import copy

Step 9) Grant access to WordPress

allow access to wordpress

Step 10) Click Import of whichever of your blogs you want to import.

start the blogger import

Step 11) Assign an author to the imported content, and save.

assigning an author to the imported blogger content

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