How to Import Posts from Tumblr to WordPress

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Step 1) Log into the Dashboard

Step 2) Click on the Tools link in the left panel

click tools in the left hand menu

Step 3) Click on the Import link in the left panel

Click Import in the left hand menu

Step 4) Click on Tumblr

Choose tumblr from the list

Step 5) Click Install Now to install the Tumblr Importer

Install the tumblr importer

Step 6) Click “Activate & Run Importer”

activate and run the tumblr importer

Step 7) Click the link to

Step 8) Click the green Register Application button

register tumblr application

Step 9) Fill in the Name, Website, and Default Callback URL as instructed by WordPress earlier.

connect wordpress to tumblr

Step 10) Click Show Secret Key

Tumblr show secret key

Step 11) Paste your OAuth Consumer Key and Secret Key into the WordPress fields, then click Connect to Tumblr

connect wordpress to tumblr

Step 12) Authorize the Tumblr App by clicking the link

Authorizing the tumblr app

Step 13) Allow WordPress to have access to the Tumblr App

allowing tumblr app

Step 14) Click Import for whichever Tumblr Blog on your account you wish to import.

importing tumblr posts from blog of your choice

Step 15) Sit back and enjoy while WordPress imports your Tumblr Posts

importing tumblr posts in progress

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