How to Use Easy Social Share Buttons Import and Export Feature

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In this section of the guide to the Easy Social Share Buttons plugin, we will look at how to Import & Export configurations.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) On the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, click Easy Social Share Buttons to display the Main Settings tab.

Step 3) Click the Import/Export Configuration tab.


Backup (Export)

Step 4) Click the Backup button to get a display your current Configuration String.

Step 5) Save a copy of the Configuration String to your local computer for safe-keeping.


Restore the Configuration String

Step 6) To restore the original Configuration String, click the Restore button to restore the original file.



Prior to moving forward, we recommend that you view your site to see the changes applied above and make any modifications as needed.

The next step of the guide will focus on Configuring Easy Social Share Import Ready Made Configuration.


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