How to Customize the Instagram Feed

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In the third part of the guide to the Instagram Feed plugin, we will take you through the process of customizing your Instagram feed to meet your needs.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Dashboard, click on Instagram Feed, and then choose 2. Customise from the toolbar at the top of the Instagram Feed settings page.


Step 3) You can choose the width, height and background colour of your Instagram Feed when it is displayed with the options provided.


Step 4) Using the box provided, you can change the order of which the photos on your feed are shown based on Newest to Oldest, Oldest to Newest and Most Popular.


Step 5) The maximum number of photos that can be shown in a feed is 33, so you have plenty of choice as to how many you wish to show from your feed. You can also add from other IDs and Hashtags, and split the feed into a number of columns.


Step 6) The Image Resolution can be altered to improve the quality, but they are best left in Auto-Detect mode, unless you feel that you really want to change the resolution of your images. You can add padding around your images (like a border) to make your images stand out more. 5px is the standard, but you can change it to as high as you wish.


Step 7) The mobile layout mode is there so that your feed will be responsive and fit to any mobile device. You can disable it by ticking the box, but if you feel like a lot of your users will be visiting via mobile devices, leave this as it is. Save your changes once completed.


Step 8) The Header of your Instagram Feed can be taken away by unticking the box, and you have the choice of altering the colour should you wish to do so.


Step 9) The Load More button is used to bring up the next few photos on your Instagram feed, and can be altered to make it stand out to your visitors by changing the text and background colours of the button. You can also change the text on the button from Load More… to anything you like.


Step 10) Your visitors can connect to your Instagram account and follow you directly from the feed on your website by clicking the Follow on Instagram button. You can alter the text, colour and background colour of the follow button here.


Step 11) If you wish to add your own JavaScript and/or CSS to the Instagram feed plugin, you can enter your custom code into the boxes provided. Save your changes when you’re done.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Display the Instagram Feed.


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