How to Setup an Instagram Slider Widget

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The second step of the Instagram Slider Widget will take a look at setting up the widget, and and preparing it for display on your website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) To find the Instagram Slider widget, head to Appearance >> Widgets. Read the box on the far right, which will guide you through the process of adding your Instagram account to the widget.


Step 3) Drag the Instagram Slider Widget from the list of widgets over to the right-hand side, under Instagram Slider Widget.


Step 4) The first step to creating a slider is to add your Instagram username into the box shown below. The next step is to choose which source (Instagram or WP Media Library) the images will come from, and you can also choose to insert your Instagram images into your Media Library by ticking the box enabled.


Step 5) The next step is to decide how your slider is going to look, from the template (slideshow or normal), to the sizes of the images and the order they will show up. You can also change the links from Instagram images to the WP media file if you wish. The final step is to choose how many images you want to show in the slider (between 5-20).


Step 6) The Advanced Options consist of creating an Image Link rel attribute (specifying the relationship between the current page and the linked website) and creating an Image Link class (what happens when a link is opened -this might depend on what plugins are being used to open links).

You can also change the navigation controls of the slider and the animation (whether it fades into the next image or simply slides).


Step 7) Once you have finished with your settings, you can copy and paste the shortcode provided into any post or page to display your Instagram images in the form of a slider. Save your changes once completed.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Add an Instagram Slider Widget to a Post.


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