How to Install WordPress on a Mac with the BitNami WordPress Stack

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to install WordPress locally, on your Mac, with the BitNami WordPress Stack.

Step 1) Download the WordPress BitNami Stack. You will need an account with Bitnami to do this, but it’s free. You can download the installer, which is what we’ll be using, or if you prefer, the virtual machine.

Step 2) Install the BitNami WordPress stack. Note that during the install it will ask you for the desired details and credentials of the account you’ll be using. It will ask for other details as you go through this process, though you can use the defaults in most cases.

bitnami wordpress account details

Once the installation is complete the BitNami WordPress Stack App Manager will be open, and it will automatically open the BitNami page in your browser.

Step 3) Click “Access BitNami WordPress Stack” to start on your WordPress adventure!

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