How to Install WordPress on Almost Any Machine With the BitNami WordPress Virtual Machine

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In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to install WordPress locally on nearly any machine with the BitNami WordPress Virtual Machine.

Step 1) Download the WordPress VM.

Note: you can download the regular WordPress VM or a MultiSite VM, available for either VirtualBox(free) or VMWare. For this tutorial we’ll be using VMWare Fusion.

When the download is complete, extract the zip file.

Step 2) Open and boot the Virtual Machine in your app. It will automatically start the services required and you’ll be greeted with it’s home screen.

bitnami server running in vm

Here we can log on to the console with the provided details if need be, but most importantly, we’re given the address that we can access Bitnami from, in my case it is

Step 3) Head to the provided address and you’ll be take to the BitNami Welcome screen, click Access my application to move on.

bitnami welcome screen

You’ll be taken to the homepage of the Application’s WordPress install. You can head to wp-admin and login with username ‘user’ and password ‘bitnami’ and make changes thereafter.

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