How to Install WordPress on a Mac with DesktopServer

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In this tutorial will will demonstrate how you can install WordPress on your Mac with DesktopServer.

Step 1) Download and install DesktopServer. Note that there is a free and a paid version of this software, to decide which version you require please compare the features on their website, but in most cases, the free version is fine.

Step 2) Open DesktopServer, where it will prompt you to restart it with privileges, which is required to make changes to the Apache and MySQL services on your machine. Click next where it will prompt you for your local account’s password. Enter this and click ok.

desktop server privileges

Step 3) Select “Create a New Development Website” then click next.

Create a New Development Website

Step 4) Choose the domain you’d like your installation to be located at, and if you wish to, change the directory where it will be installed, then click Create.

desktop server installation details

After it’s finished processing the install, click next.

Step 5) DesktopServer will provide the URL of your install where you can go to complete the WordPress installation. Click the link to open it in your browser.

install location

Step 6) Fill out the WordPress specific details and click Install WordPress

wordpress installation details

And that’s it. Now you have WordPress installed on your Mac with the help of DesktopServer. Note that every time you restart your computer, you need to open DesktopServer in order to start the Apache and MySQL services on your computer.

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