How to Install WordPress on a Mac with MAMP

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This tutorial will cover the specifics of installing WordPress on a Mac with the MAMP Software.

Step 1) Download and install MAMP, or MAMP Pro. Though the free version is generally fine for most people, if you need to run many local WordPress installations you may need to consider the paid version.

Step 2) Open MAMP, here we can start or stop the PHP, Apache, and MySQL services as required. When you start the servers the local MAMP homepage will open and provide you with your MySQL username and password, note these down.

mamp interface

Step 3) Download WordPress, and extract the zip file it comes in, into the /Applications/MAMP/htdocs directory.

Step 4) Open your browser and, assuming you left WordPress in a folder of that name, navigate to http://localhost:8888/wordpress, where you’ll see the following.

create a configuration file

Click “Create Configuration File” and WordPress will then give you a list of the information you’ll need to proceed.

wordpress database specifics

Step 5) Open phpMyAdmin, which should be located at http://localhost:8888/phpmyadmin, in your browser, and click on Databases in the top menu.

Step 6) Create a Database with whatever name you want, and you should see a message when that action is complete.

creating a database

Step 7) Go back to the WordPress install screen and click “Lets Go” and you’ll be prompted to enter the database details. Fill these out and click Submit.

wordpress database install details

Step 8) Finally, you will be asked to provide a Site Title, Username, Password, and E-Mail Address. Once you’ve decided these particulars, you can click Install to finish the proces..

Now you can open your website at http://localhost:8888/wordpress and log in and start testing!

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