How to Install WordPress on Windows or OS X with Ampps

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In this tutorial we’re going to demonstrate how you can easily install WordPress on OS X or Windows with Ampps.

Step 1) Download Ampps and Install it

Step 2) Open AMPPS and start the Apache and MySQL servers by clicking Start under each of them, then click the Home button which opens the AMPPS control center

ampps starting apache and mysql

Step 3) Click blogs in the left hand menu, then click the hard drive icon under WordPress on the right.

installing wordpress with ampps

Step 4) Click the blue Install button

install wp ampps

Step 5) Fill out the WordPress details as you require and then click install down the bottom. Ampps will download and install WordPress as per these details.

Once it’s finished installing and configuring, you’ll see a message similar to the following.

WordPress Successfully installed with AMPPS

Now you’re free to start playing with WordPress locally, thanks to AMPPS!

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