How to Configure the iThemes Settings

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The next stage of the guide to iThemes Security is configuring the settings.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) The first section of the Settings page is the Global Settings, which includes entering a notification email address, creating a blacklist, choosing the number of failed login attempts you can make before you are locked out of the site and more.

ithemes - step 11

Step 3) 404′s are when people head to a page that doesn’t exist, and if users are doing this often, it is a sign that they are looking for weaknesses in your security. Using the 404 Detection Tool, every 404 Error will be logged, and you can ban any suspicious users from your site from the section.

ithemes - step 12 404 detection

Step 4) The Away Mode is a useful feature as you can set a time when the Dashboard of your site is not available. For example, if you work 9-5, you can set the away mode for 5-9 Monday-Friday so you know your Dashboard is disabled to all users when you are away.

ithemes - step 13 away mode

Step 5) There are certain people out there who don’t like to give in easily, and the best way to deal with them is to cut them out of the picture. The Banned Users section allows you to add spammers and hackers to a blacklist. Once on there, you won’t be seeing them on your site again. You can also use’s blacklist feature to get started with your sites list of banned users.

ithemes - step 14 banned users

Step 6) Brute Force Protection is a great way to deter spammers and hackers. By setting a limit to the amount of times you can fail at logging in, you are likely to deter people from attempting to gain access to your site. 3-5 tries is the norm, and should definitely be considered.

ithemes - step 15 brute force

The next step of the guide will focus on How to Configure Advanced Settings with iThemes Security.


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