How to Work with the iThemes Security Dashboard

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This section of the guide looks at the first steps following the activation of the plugin.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) As soon as you activate the plugin, a bar at the top will emerge that gives you the option to secure your site now. Click on the button to get started.

ithemes - step 7

Step 3) Once you have activated the Plugin, iThemes Security pops up with a helpful Important First Steps page, which includes a backup (extremely important for when you make changes to your site and install more plugins) and allow iThemes to make updates to the files on your site automatically.

ithemes - step 8

Step 4) Head to the iThemes Security Dashboard and watch the walk-through video to get acquainted with the Plugin.

ithemes - step 9

Step 5) The Security Status section allows you to see any High, Medium and Low security risks that your site is having, and gives you the option of fixing the issue. Once you have fixed them, they are entered into the Completed folder so you can see which issues are more common and keep track on which ones have been dealt with.

ithemes - step 10

The next step of the guide will focus on How to Configure the iThemes Settings.


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