Limit Attempts WordPress Plugin Guide Overview

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Hello and welcome to the WordPress plugin guide for Limit Attempts, which is a great plugin that allows you to set a limit to the number of login attempts by the IP, and create a whitelist and blacklist based on who is trying to gain access to your website and who shouldn’t be given access.

We will look at how to install the plugin, set it up so that you can get the best results from it, and then show you how to create a whitelist and blacklist that will only allow the legitimate users from logging in to your website.


  • Actions: Blocks IP addresses when the limit of login attempts is reached.
  • Actions: Adds IP addresses to the blacklist upon reaching the limit of locks.
  • Actions: Allows adjusting the settings for blocking and automatic adding to the blacklist.
  • Display: Keeps a log, in which the overall number of failed login attempts and the number of locks is documented, and shows the currents status.
  • Actions: Allows adding single IP addresses to black- and whitelists.
  • Notify: Sends email notifications to the administartor.
  • Display: Allows customizing messages that are displayed in case of the failed login attempt, address blocking or when an address is added to the blacklist.
  • Display: Allows customizing the text and layout of an email message that is sent to the administrator when an address is automatically blocked or added to the blacklist.
  • Actions: Is compatible with Htaccess plugin (by BestWebSoft), allowing to add IP address blocking data to htaccess file.
  • Actions: Is compatible with Captcha plugin (by BestWebSoft), allowing to specify whether an incorrect captcha input should be considered a failed login attempt.

Below you can find all our guides on this plugin.

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