WPKB Presents: Long Form Storybuilder

Do you want to create gorgeous, engaging, long form content with WordPress? Then Long Form Storybuilder by Press75 is for you.

Long Form Storybuilder will allow you to enable long form content on any post or page, and then, leveraging the built-in WordPress Customizer, you can build beautiful long form content using the sections provided by the plugin, such as the header, which features an opening image, story title, and description, that can be followed up with content in columns, and callouts, that can be used to draw attention to important parts or points.

The plugin has been created with SEO in mind, ensuring that your stories are SEO friendly out of the box. Further, it comes with a range of useful shortcodes, allowing you to create unique layouts, customize sidebars and much, much more.

Long Form Storybuilder is completely free, go check it out and see what you can create!

How to Install the Long Form Storybuilder Plugin

Long Form Storybuilder is a fantastic plugin that will allow you to easily create beautiful, immersive, long form content on your WordPress website. This first guide will show you how to install the plugin via .zip file.

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