A Look at the Available Tools of the Free Image Sharer WordPress Plugin

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The third and final part of the guide to the Free Image Sharer WordPress plugin will guide you through each of the available tools of the plugin, which are add-ons related to all kind of features, including email pop-ups, contact forms, social media login options and many more.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, click on Settings >> Image Sharer. From the Image Sharer page, scroll down until you find More Profitquery Tools. The first tool is Contact Form. Give it a click to learn more.


Step 3) You will be redirected to the Profitquery website, where you can learn about the tool and then hit the Get the Code – It’s Free button to get the code emailed to you so you can add it to your website.


Step 4) The next tool is MailChimp integration, which allows you to add MailChimp sign-ups to your images. Hit the button below to get the code sent to your email.


Step 5) The Smart Pop-up tool allows you to add a pop-up to your images. You can enter any text and/or call to action to the pop-up that you like.


Step 6) The Referral System tool allows you to Refer a Friend via social media and/or email by clicking on the options provided when you add the code to your site.


Step 7) The Marketing Bar allows you to create a call-to-action of your choice. Click the button to get the code sent to you via email.


Step 8) You can add follow buttons to your images by adding the Follow Buttons code and linking your social media accounts to your images.


Step 9) The Floating Popup tool allows you to create a pop-up of your choice that floats around the screen and attracts your visitors in.


Step 10) The Exit Popup tool allows users to hit ‘X’ and get your popup off the screen when it pops up, giving your users the option to ignore pop-ups that can sometimes be annoying.


Step 11) The Social Login tool is only available on the PRO version, which costs from $17 a month. It allows users to login to your site via their social media accounts, and can dramatically improve your social shares.


Step 12) The Call Me Back tool allows you to enter your number into a pop-up box and send it to the webmasters so that they call customers back who want to get in contact with them.


Step 13) The Contact Verifier tool is available to Pro users only. It allows users to enter verification code into pop-ups and sent them to the webmasters via email.


Step 14) Cart Abandonment is a great tool for ecommerce sites, but it is only available to Pro users. It allows you to set reminders for carts and send them via email.


Step 15) The Social Reward tool is great for encouraging users to share images, as they get rewarded for sharing across more platforms, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and more.


Step 16) The Secure Voting tool is great for encouraging your users to vote on the things they like, including the images of your website. It is only available in the Pro version.


Step 17) The Sharing Sidebar tool creates a toolbar alongside your images that features all the social networks attached to your website, including Facebook, Twitter and more.


Step 18) The Product Discount tool allows you to add discounts and product special offers pop-ups to the images of your ecommerce website.


This concludes the guide to the Free Image Sharer WordPress plugin. If you have any queries or issues, let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help. Thanks for reading and good luck with your plugin.


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