How to send an Email Campaign in MailPoet

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In this article we will show you how to use MailPoet to send an Email Campaign.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the left menu of the Admin Panel, click to select MailPoet -> Subscribers.


Step 3) To add a new mailing list, click the Add List button.


Step 4) Enter text for the Name and Description for the new mailing list. Click the Add list button.


Step 5) Mouse over the new mailing list to display a sub-menu. Click the Edit hyperlink.


Step 6) Click the Add Subscriber button.


Step 7) Complete the information in the textboxes. Place a checkmark to the left of the mailing list this subscriber is to be added to. Click the Add Subscriber button.


Repeat Step 7 to add additional subscribers or, continue to Step 8 or Step 9 to for additional ways to add subscribers.

Import Subscribers by Cutting & Pasting

Step 8) To add subscribers by cutting and pasting, click the Import button. Enter email addresses and subscriber names as shown below. Click the Next Step button to continue.


Place a check mark to the left of the mailing list these subscribers are to be added to. Click the Import button to complete the process.


Import Subscribers by Uploading a CSV File

Step 9) To add subscribers by uploading a CSV file, click the Import button. Select the radio button Upload a file. Click the Browse button to select the CSV file to be uploaded. Click the Next Step button to complete the process.


Sample CSV File setup



Creating a Newsletter

Step 10) From the Mail Poet menu, click to select Newsletters. Click the Create a new email button.


Create Standard Newsletter

Step 11) Click the radio button Standard Newsletter. Enter a name for the newsletter. Place a check mark to the left of the mailing list. Click the Next Step button to continue.


Step 12) From the Second step of the Newsletter screen, single click to activate the Drop your logo in this header area. Select your logo file and drag and drop to this area.


Step 13) Single click in the Step 1: area. Enter a heading and text for the Newsletter. Using the formatting area shown below you can change the color of the text, font size, alignment etc. You can also remove this area altogether by clicking the X button.

Mail Poet Send an Email Campaign

Mail Poet Send an Email Campaign

Step 14) Single click in the Step 2: area. For this option, you can use the default image, select a new image or remove the area altogether. For this example, a new image will be added. Click the Images tab. Click the Add Images button and select an image from the existing media library or upload an image from your computer.


Once the image has been uploaded, drag and drop to the Step 2: area.


Step 15) Single click in the Step 3: area to add additional information for the newsletter. On the right there are tabs that allow you to select dividers, social media, text, etc. For this example, Social Media was added.


Step 16) Single click in the Step 4: area to add an image to the footer, add additional text or remove the section altogether.


Step 17) To perform a test send of the newsletter, enter your email address in the text box and click the Send Preview button. Click the Save Changes button to save the changes. Click the Next Step button to continue.

Mail Poet Send an Email Campaign

Sending the Newsletter

Step 18) Below is an outline of how to complete the fields on the Final Step: page:


Subject Line: Make any changes to the title of the Newsletter as required.
Lists: Place a check mark to the left of the list(s) this Newsletter is to be sent to.
Sender: Enter an email address of who the Newsletter is to come from.
Reply-to name & Email: When the subscriber hits reply this is who will receive the email.
Schedule It: If you want to schedule this Newsletter to be sent out on a particular date/time, place a check mark in this checkbox. Enter the appropriate date and time.
Send Preview: To send a test preview of the Newsletter, enter your email address and click the Send Preview button.

Click the Schedule button to complete the process, or click the Save as draft and close to leave the Newsletter in draft format.

This concludes our guide of the MailPoet plugin.



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