WPKB Presents:

WPKB Presents:

Simple Email Newsletters and Marketing

Do you want to send emails to your readers with ease? Then you should check out MailPoet.

MailPoet is an email newsletter solution that works out of the box, and right through WordPress. You can set up lists that you email when you want, or even when new posts go out. Mail Poet also allows you to send drop campaigns, where subscribers will get an email, say, three days after signing up.

MailPoet comes with over 30 Email templates for your use, with the option of premium templates, too, and they work across computers and smart phones. What’s more is that all the templates support drag and drop, so you can easily chop and change them to suit your needs. For an even more powerful solution, check out MailPoet Premium

MailPoet Plugin Guide Overview

The Mail Poet Newsletter plugin is an awesome way to add Newsletters, Post Notifications and Auto-Responders to your WordPress site! Find out how you can set it up just as you need it today.

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