How to Manage Directory Listings using the Business Directory Plugin

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The sixth step in the guide to the Business Directory WordPress plugin will show you how to manage your directory listings, including adding directories and tags to your listings, and much more.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, click on Directory >> Directory. When you’re in the Directory, you can view your listings by Title, Categories, Payment Status and Featured Status.


Step 3) You can make your Normal Listings into Premium Listings by hitting Upgrade to Premium Listing underneath a listing in the Featured Status section. You can downgrade a premium listing by hitting the Downgrade to Normal Listing link underneath a listing.


Step 4) You can add Categories to your Directories by heading to Directory >> Directory Categories from the Admin Panel. From here, you can create new categories and manage exisiting ones in the right-hand column.


Step 5)

Step 4) Head to Directory >> Directory Tags from the Admin Panel if you want to create new tags for your directories. You can also manage exisiting tags in the right-hand column.


Step 6) Below is an example of a completed business directory listing. You can also edit and/or delete the listing from here.


The final step of the guide will show you how to import and export CSV files into and from your website.

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