Managing and Creating User Roles using Ultimate Member

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The fourth step of the guide to the Ultimate Member plugin will show you how to create user roles and manage them throughout your website.

Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2) From the Admin Panel, click on Ultimate Members >> User Roles. The User Roles are Admin and Member, and the Dashboard is split into No. of Members, Core/Built-in (Installed on default and can’t be removed) and WP-Admin Access (whether users have access to the WordPress back-end).


Step 3) To create a new User Role, click on Add New at the top of the User Roles page.


Step 4) The first step in creating a new user role is to give the User Role a title, e.g. Staff, Manager, Worker, etc.


Step 5) The Administrative Permissions are the settings required to give the new user access to certain areas, including the wp-admin login page. You can also give them access to editing and/or deleting other member accounts. This will depend on whether these users will be Admin or not.


Step 6) The General Permissions section is where you can give users the permission to edit and/or delete their profile and account. Simply click on Yes or No to change the permissions.


Step 7) The Profile Access section is for you to set permissions for new users to give them access to viewing other member profiles, including ones set to private. You can also allow users to make their own profile private.


Step 8) The next step is to set Registration, Login, Logout and Delete options. You can set the action to take whenever someone registers, logs in or out or deletes their account (including redirecting to profile, redirect to URL). In the case of registration, you can set it so that users are automatically approved, or whether an Admin has to approve them first.


The next step of the guide will focus on How to Manage and Create Member Directories with Ultimate Member.




  1. Guillermo


    How Can I auto-create roles when a new user sign up??

    For ex:

    When “Robert” sign up, then, Role: “Robert” is created and assign to new register user, the same for each user.

    ¿There is some plugin for that? Thanks

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